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The Production Factory lives and breathes Productionology: the technical production behind your events and productions. We are your technical partner in event production. 

The Production Factory is one of the founders of the technical production for events. Ever since 1991, we make sure that national and international event organizations can make their creative dreams into a reality with our no-nonsense approach and technical expertise. 

the production factory BV

Delta 46
6825 MS Arnhem

The Netherlands 

Telefoon: +31(0)26 - 3840110
Kvk: 30111766

BTW: 8005.02.632.B.01

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the production factory GMBH

Emil-Adolff-Str. 14
72760 Reutlingen 

Phone: +49 (0)7121 - 933420
Fax: +49 (0)7121 - 933430   

HRB: 3198

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