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Genius Flatroller

Gerrit Kuster is the brain behind the Genius Flatroller, the rolling floor. In 2017 this idea came to life by the preparation of the Justin Bieber concert. Justin Bieber wished to change his stage within a very short time frame. Gerrit invented the Genius Flatroller, which until today is still frequently used at concerts such as Armin van Buuren his show at Pinkpop 2019.

The 'Gerritje'

The so-called 'Gerritje' is with a Dutch name a 'spiekop' on a wooden plate and was invented by our own Gerrit Kuster. Gerrit came up with this idea for the setting of the first dance parties in the early 90s.


It is possible to attach the 'Gerritje' to a Layher construction with screws / parkers with many different materials. The 'Gerritje' ensures that it is possible to form a vertical connection between the Layher construction and other materials such as wood and plastic. The 'Gerritje' can be hung on the rosette of the upright with the cotter head and the wooden plate can then be used to screw materials into place.

gerritje clamp 1_edited.jpg
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