About us


The Production Factory is one of the founders of the technical production of events. Ever since 1991, we make sure that national and international event organizations can make their creative dreams into a reality with our no-nonsense approach and technical expertise. We provide our clients with all the facilities and possibilities to make their ideas come to life. 

With a lot of energy, a bit more rock & roll and especially a lot of expertise, professionalism, and respect we help organizations. 

The Production Factory takes care of the coordination of the technical production so that the organizer can deal with the content of the event.


We can be your partner from the start, by including us from the beginning of the project to get a better grip on the entire production and wishes. From design and technical drawings to the execution of the production.

We are very transparent in our communications to make sure that you, as an organizer, are always up to date on what is happening behind the scenes. 


The Production Factory is an international player in the event industry with a team of experienced production managers. We provide event organizations with a broad network of experts and flexibility, even at the most challenging places in the world. Our unique collaboration with partner facilitators provides you with material and executive staff members at the highest level possible.  


Throughout the years we've done productions for Volkswagen AG, Philips, Mojo, Facebook and many more. From theater to concerts and congresses and from television to corporate events.

The many years of experience and the trust of our clients in the services of The Production Factory guarantee a high level of production.